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ZL60-02 Electric car cooling water pump


Final Picture

Product Parameter
Model ZL60-02
Working Voltage Range DC: 6V-24V
Rating Power 12V: 10-50W / 24V: 20-80W
Static Water Head 2-8 M
Static Flow Rate 10-33 L/min
Lifespan Continuous operation≤24hrs, under normal working surrounding >20000hrs
Working Environment Liquid: From weak acid to weak base, workable on land (Non-Submergible)
Max Noise Under normal working status, 1M distance over test instrument <50dB
Max Working Temperature Under normal surroundings, fluid medium temperature≤100℃
Application Electric car engine pump , Vehicle water circulation, Aquarium etc.
Size IP Grade Inlet Outlet Remarks
Length(mm) Width(mm) Height(mm) OD(mm) ID(mm) OD(mm) ID(mm) Inlet and outlet with footgrip
142 65 104 IP67 φ20 φ14 φ20 φ14
Performance Diagram
Remark: It’s for reference only, the one based on the customer’s endorsement demands shall prevail!
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